Private Coffee Class – Brewing Fundamentals


Course Hour: 2 Hours
Course Date: Saturday 10am-12pm/Sunday 10am-12pm
Course Fee: CAD $100/Student
Course Location: Unit 16-145 Royal Crest Crt, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9Z4

This Class is taught by an Authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
Trainer & Certifier


Overview: This class is the foundation for coffee brewing and is essential for any newcomer to the coffee industry.  Coffee professionals need to have a strong knowledge of the principals governing optimum brewing methods.  This class not only provides this critical instruction and practice, also continues to explore the six essential elements of coffee brewing, through manual brewing methods. Learners get hands-on time with the equipment.

1. Identify the four primary sensory aspects of brewed coffee.
2. List and explain the six essential elements of brewing.
3. Identify the three main stages of the brewing process.
4. Discuss how the coffee extraction process works in these brewing methods: Full Immersion, Pour Over, and Vacuum, Hybrid.
5. Discuss and demonstrate brewing devices within each brewing method.


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