Private Coffee Tasting (ONLY offers to a group of 3 or more)


Course Hour: 1-2 Hours
Course Date: Saturday | 10am
Course Fee: CAD $60/Person (ONLY offers to a group of 3 or more)

Group discount policy:
– 10% for 4-5 attendees
– 20% for 6-8 attendees
– 30% for 9-12 attendees

Course Location: Unit 16 – 145 Royal Crest Crt, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9Z4

This Class is taught by an Authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
Trainer & Certifier


Overview: A fundamental skill of any specialty coffee professional is to be able to identify key points and explain the journey coffee from seed to cup, having a basic grasp of concepts of coffee growing conditions. This class also provides the information of coffee cupping and practice on site. Cupping is the Specialty Coffee Industry’s standard for evaluating coffee. Using the SCA Cupping Protocol and exploring one flight of coffee, participants are introduced to and practice the SCA protocol, and focus on basic vocabulary from the Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel for objective, professional coffee quality evaluation.

1. State basic information about Arabica coffee and its growing conditions
2. General introduction of the chain of coffee from seed to cup: Growing, harvesting, processing, milling, exporting, importing, roasting
3. Identify purposes and professional benefits to cupping
4. Execute SCA Cupping Protocol and etiquette during 1 flight of coffee
5. Describe the difference and importance of taste and smell.
6. Select applicable terminology from SCA Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel that describe at least 4 specific tastes and/or aromas
7. Identify the official SCA Cupping Form

Class fee group discount policy:
– 10% OFF for 4-5 attendees
– 20% OFF for 6-8 attendees
– 30% OFF for 9-12 attendees


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