Private Coffee Class – Roasting (ONLY offers to a group of 2 or more)


Course Hour: 7-8 Hours
Course Date: Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM / Sunday 9:00AM-5:00PM (ONLY offers to a group of 2 or more)
Course Fee: CAD $550/Student
Course Location: Unit 16-145 Royal Crest Crt, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9Z4

This Class is taught by an Authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
Trainer & Certifier


Overview: First, this class provides a general knowledge base regarding evaluation and grading of green coffees to coffee professionals before roasting.  Participants will know new or prospective coffee roasters to different pieces of equipment found in roasting facilities. The class introduces new and/or novice roasters to critical terms and concepts that are the underpinning of the roasting process.  Roasters are guided through initial roast development and observe how decisions and actions can affect (both positively and negatively) the final product. After roasting, participant will cup their roasted coffee with instructor together to learn how to adjust the flavor profile. Through class practice, roasters will learn to manipulate/adjust a small batch drum roaster to meet their desired craft roasting goals.


1. Identify and explain key parameters of SCAA Green Arabica Coffee Classification System and methods.
2. Practice green coffee defect identification using formal terminology.
3. Use the SCAA Green Coffee Grading Handbook to identify defects correctly.
4. Discuss common testing methods and grading equipment.
5. Describe steps and stages of the roasting process, beginning to end (use terms presented in class for chemical reactions and heat-transfer; tell steps the roaster takes; state stages of bean development- Enzymatic, Sugar Browning, & Dry Distillation).
6. Discuss the basic effects of time and heat on roast development.
7. Identify and describe common features and controls of standard drum-roasters
8. Use a small batch drum roaster to roast coffee, and evaluate the roasts in a cupping.
9. Recognize common dangers involved in the roasting process and describe preventive measures, corrective actions and basic safety in a roasting plant.
10. Shut off a roaster after roasting and describe basic daily and regular cleaning and maintenance requirements

Class fee group discount policy:
– 10% OFF for 3-5 attendees
– 20% OFF for 6-8 attendees
– 30% OFF for 9-12 attendees


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