SCA Roasting Professional


Course Hour: 32-40 Hours
Course Date: TBD
Course Fee: CAD$1950/SCA Member & Non Member (Register >=3 courses will be benefited a 10% course fee discount, exclude certificate fee)
Practical Exam/

Written Exam/


CAD$350.00/SCA Member
Required &
Recommended Prerequisites:
Mandatory: Roasting Intermediate
Recommended: Sensory Foundation and Intermediate, Green Foundation and Intermediate

Overview: Advanced skills in profile development and sensory evaluation of different profiles are tested. Knowledge of the fundamental chemistry of coffee is tested as well as the chemical reactions happening during coffee roasting. Roasting management includes principles of manufacturing efficiency and capital expenditure decision making is tested.

1. Be able to measure moisture, density and size of green beans and use the information to design roast profiles
2. Understand and adapt when different processing methods behaves differently in the roasting process
3. Ability to discuss with customers for different products depending on their preferences
4. Analyze the temperature difference between air and bean at any given point of a roast and understand how the temperature difference drives the sped of the roast at any given point
5. Ability to control airflow speed and understand the reason
6. Ability to avoid oils migrating to the surface of the roasted beans
7. Handle roast color measurement equipment and interpret the result
8. Use the sensory level of acidity to evaluate roast degree and analyze the quality of acidity
9. Skills in expressing different characteristics of the same coffee at the same roast color but with different roast profiles
10. Make decisions in when developing new roast profile and new products
11. Ability to design a product with respect to specific demand from a specific customer segment
12. Ability to design and operate a production that is designed around the preferences and demands of customers with maximum uptime and most satisfied customers
13. Calculate the size of the roaster needed for a specific business scenario
14. Ability to make the purchase planning of green beans

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day
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