SCA Sensory Foundation


Course Hour: 7-8 Hours
Course Date: MAR. 13, 2020; MAY 19, 2020
Course Fee: CAD$450/SCA Member & Non Member
Practical Exam/

Written Exam/

Certificate Fee:

CAD$120/SCA Member
Required &
Mandatory: None
Recommended: Introduction to coffee

Overview: Expose and sensitize student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee. Enabling the student to recognize the core concepts of sensory analysis, and explain why and how coffee professionals use it in the coffee industry. Broad focus will be put on identifying, describing and discriminating objectively aroma, taste and body in coffees. Students will be introduced to the SCA cupping protocol and methodology and reflect on the qualitative dimension of this evaluation methodology.

1. What is Sensory Analysis?
2. Why is Sensory Important in coffee?
3. Physiology and sensory attributes
4. Identifying sensorial characteristics in coffee
5. Cupping Protocol
6. Core Sensory equipment and the cupping environment

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day
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