SCA Sensory Intermediate

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Course Hour: 14-16 Hours
Course Date: DEC. 04-05, 2021 (9AM – 6PM)
Course Price: CAD$950/SCA Member & Non Member (Register >=3 courses will be benefited a 10% course fee discount, exclude certificate fee)
Practical Exam/

Written Exam/

Certificate (Mandatory for Professional):

CAD$200/SCA Member
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Mandatory: None
Recommended: Sensory Foundation

Overview: To enable the student to apply core concepts of sensory science to analyze aroma, taste, and body differences in coffee. Students will be introduced to various testing methods including triangle and in/out and they will progress in their calibration of the SCA cupping form. Students will examine basic requirements for developing a sensory program at their place of employment.

1. How we perceive, analyze and interpret-Generalities and Review
2. Physiology and Sensory attributes
3. Triangular test
4. Running a cupping session and cupping form calibration
5. Cupping systems in use
6. How to set up sensory program in your business and sensory applications for equipment, maintenance and staff
7. Set up your sensory panel
8. Advantage and limit of in/out vs descriptive for QC, NPD

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 6:00pm each day
To Enrol with SCA site: and search “Canada”

5 reviews for SCA Sensory Intermediate

  1. Posted by  • 

    When I went into the SCA Sensory Intermediate, I felt immediately that compares to foundation level, intermediate is unpredicted harder. I went to the classroom with very good physical preparation according to the instruction by Jingbo, such as to have a good sleep, not eat spicy foods, etc., but it still turned my world about sensory over. I think the SCA Sensory Intermediate is ideal for someone who is already working in the industry and wants to get better, to develop their knowledges on sensory skills, as well as tasting skills better. After this course I can do efficiently on knowing how to taste specialty coffee, to perceive and interpret; how to run an official cupping session and tasting the diversity of different coffee with different processing, different origin, even different altitude growing, and also how to set up sensory skills in my own businesses. This is so important to me because right now when I make a coffee for myself, I can communicate and to express and describe what I have tasted to my friends and to let them know the coffee is truly good or not, also I can give them the reasons of why. In SCA Sensory Intermediate Course, Jingbo helped me to build up a very strong sensory memory, addressed the standard and built a scale about coffee qualities of the specialty coffee industry for me to use as the tool to judge coffee’s quality. Now when I am drinking coffee, I will put lay out the standard to evaluate and could find the quality precisely. If the coffee you made for me is not good, now I know it, hahaha…

    Rated 5 out of 5
  2. Posted by  • 

    Sensory Intermediate is where you start to push your limits, where you realise how complex coffee is and how training and calibration are important.
    In this course, Jingbo teaches you skills that you can quickly share and use in your business. It’s an instant win.

    To me, this class could easily be a 3 days’ combo with the Foundation and I bet you’ll want to go straight to the Professional class at the end!

    Rated 5 out of 5
  3. Posted by  • 

    This sensory intermediate class was very impressive physically and mentally. It pushes you to go beyond your limits and your abilities. It shows you how concentration is essential to taste and feel the flavours, intensity, quality and body of the coffee. You learn so much from this class and with her (Jingbo). And you want of course to reach the next level.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  4. Posted by  • 

    The sensory intermediate course builds upon the knowledge of the foundation course and takes it up several levels. I remember vividly that the first thing Jingbo, the instructor, said to the class was to clear out any preconceptions and have confidence in her ability to build up students’ sensory core inventory. The course significantly opened up my senses towards each coffee’s unique attributes and gives an in-depth overview of the anatomy of our sensory functions when tasting coffee. During these intensive two days, various calibration and cupping exercises were conducted to make sure we are well prepared to examine coffee’s flavor and qualities. Overall, this course will help establish what coffee industry professionals use when tasting specialty coffee and also the reasons behind these evaluations. Sensory intermediate explores the industry-recognized communication in coffee grading, and this skill will definitely come in handy within your business operations.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  5. Posted by  • 

    This was my second class with Jingbo, it was definitely the next logical step after the foundation and I have found this to perfectly follow the teaching we started the day before. I have learned so much with Jingbo. After 12 years working around coffee, I still can’t believe how little I knew about tasting coffee and judging its qualities. We took things to another level, dived deeper into our senses and learned so so much once again. The more we learn the more we realize how much more there still is out there. During the intermediate the tests we did definitely got harder and got us ready to attack the professional!

    Rated 5 out of 5
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