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Course Hour: 20-24 Hours
Course Date: Jan. 15-18, 2021 (Fri.-Mon.)
Course Fee: CAD$1650/SCA Member & Non-member (Register >=3 courses will be benefited a 10% course fee discount, exclude certificate fee)
Exam & Certificate: CAD$350/SCA Member
Required &


Mandatory: Sensory Intermediate
Recommended: Sensory Foundation, Green Foundation

Overview: To align the student with industry coffee and sensory standards. To prepare them for running sensory evaluation in a coffee business. To acquire the skills required to start identifying and evaluating qualities in specialty green coffee, and to accurately measure and describe coffee beverage characteristics. Students will learn to generate repeatable and methodical sensory measurements of coffee, and learn how to interpret results.

1. How we perceive analyze and interpret-Generalities and Review
2. Physiology and Sensory Attributes
3. Detecting Sensory positive qualities in coffee
4. Detecting low sensorial qualities in coffee-Defect and Taint
5. Coffee profiling descriptive vs qualitative analysis
6. Running a cupping session and tasting the diversity of coffee
7. Sensory panel and calibration
8. Cultivating a professional sensory facility
9. Shelf Life, Consumer Testing and NPD
10. Sharpen the skills of cupping & grading specialty coffee quality

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 6:00pm each day.

2 reviews for SCA Sensory Professional

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    I really want to become a professional coffee drinker. If you have the habit of drinking a coffee a day, why drink bad ones. But if you don’t know what the good coffee or bad coffee is, you would never know that the coffee you drank daily is good or bad. This is why I want to take the SCA Sensory Professional Course. I want to become a professional, professional means with extensive experience in the industry whom wish to develop their knowledge to become sensory skills leaders in a coffee business. Jingbo has used more of her energy, and has spent more time on training us at this level, as well as more strict which is necessary and have a good outcomes. She has halped us built much more of the sensory memories, and have really pushed us in the same class to another level. The funniest thing is that we have trained to taste the defects from coffee and now when I am eating or drinking, a little bit of the defect I can identify out and will make me stop drinking or eating, cause that flavor only means something bad appeared in your food or beverage and our human body shouldn’t take into. I think the SCA Sensory Professional is good for the people whom eventually want to become a Q grader or wish to become lead cup taster, or sensory experts in the coffee business. But to take this 3 days course made me very much exhausted at the end. But after this course, you can feel that you are in a brand new world of tasting and at a totally different level, cause you have became to be the coffee professional now. And now, not shine to say that, I am a pro now and you cannot put anything bad in my mouth, if you want to make a coffee for me, make sure you take the SCA Barista Intermediate first. Hahahah 🙂

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    This class is very important. It helped me make a huge leap forward in my sensory skills. Anyone who is interested in a career in coffee must take this class. The value it provides will reap you tenfold. I highly recommend it. Furthermore, the instructor, Jingbo Deng is highly qualified and exceptionally patient with her students.

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