SCA Brewing Intermediate


Course Hour: 12-15 Hours
Course Date: Mar. 22-23, 2020; Jun. 28-29, 2020
Course Fee: CAD$950/SCA Member & Non Member
Practical Exam/

Written Exam/

Certificate Fee:

CAD$180/SCA Member
Required &
Mandatory: None
Recommended: Brewing Foundation, Sensory Foundation

Overview: Designed to introduce the concept of scientifically measuring coffee extraction and to explore the elements of coffee brewing. It helps the coffee professional manipulate brew techniques to improve coffee quality.

1. Understand what happens during the brewing process
2. Understand the ideal extraction and strength range
3. Understand how to use the brewing chart
4. Understand and practice measuring coffee TDS and manually calculating extraction rate
5. Awareness of brew formula and brew ratio for brew coffee and espresso
6. Aware of different brew times and water temperatures yield different flavor profiles
7. Aware how turbulence and impact the final cup
8. Aware of the SCA brewing water standards
9. Aware of the influences of under/over extraction due to particle size
10. Understand the impact of flavor of different roast levels and roast level impact on the brew

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day
To Enrol with SCA site: and search “Canada”


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