SCA Brewing Professional


Course Date: Coming Soon
Course Hours: 30-35 Hours
Course Price: CAD$1650/SCA Member
Practical Exam/

Written Exam/

Certificate Fee:

CAD$350.00/SCA Member
Required &
Recommended Prerequisites:
Mandatory: Brewing Intermediate
Recommended: Sensory Foundation and Intermediate, Roasting Foundation, Barista Foundation

Overview: The course testes the ability of the professional brewer to navigate the coffee brewing control chart. This course is intended to extend the practical and sensory brewing capabilities of the professional brewer.

1. Understand the impact of different temperature when brewing coffee
2. Establish the difference between pre-wet/pause/pour VS single continuous pouring
3. Exploring the relationship between depth, volume and diameter and shape of brew basket
4. Experience the effect of variable extractions and how it affects tastes in the cup
5. Experience the relationship between brew recipe and yield in the cup
6. Grinder Type, grind size, particle distribution and cup impact
7. Understanding the importance of by-pass and how it can affect the brew
8. Roast vs Brew Practical test
9. Sensory experience of the impact of organic acids in coffee as a function of brewing
10. Different water testing and brewing using variable water

Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 5:30pm each day.


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