SCA Foundation 5 Foundation Bundle Courses


Course Date: Each individual SCA Foundation class dates will be communicated via email to confirm for attending
Course Price: CAD $2000 /SCA Member
CAD $2000 /Non-Member
Exam & Certificate Fee: CAD $120 x 5 /SCA Member
CAD $120 x 5 /Non-Member

SCA Barista Foundation
SCA Green Foundation
SCA Sensory Foundation
SCA Roasting Foundation
SCA Brewing Foundation


Attendees will be at Bicerin Coffee Lab from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day.


Coffee Skills Program Foundation Course (7 Days): Barista (2 Days), Green (1 Day), Sensory (1 Day), Roasting (2 Day) & Brewing (1 Day)

Note: Courses will be offered according to the ongoing schedule and on seperated dates with a few days gap in between if necessary.

A seven days workshop, hosted by Bicerin Coffee Lab, offers the opportunity to take 5 foundation courses of Barista, Green, Sensory, Roasting and Brewing together under the new SCA curriculum. The foundation courses provide students with a comprehensive overview of basic concept regarding coffee roasting, coffee tasting and coffee making by using espresso machine. It will give you the key information to enable you to find your Barista, Roasting, and Sensory skills on a fundamental level. We recommend any coffee people with no or very limited experience to start from this level.
Barista Foundation:
Designed to introduce core barista skills to people with no previous barista experience. Successful candidates should be able to calibrate their grinders and make an espresso and cappuccino to core standards.
Roasting Foundation:
Designed to introduce core roasting skills and equipment to people with no previous roasting experience. The student will be able to describe the various stages of roasting using all terminology from the keyword list below.
Sensory Foundation:
Expose and sensitize student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee. Enabling the student to recognize the core concepts of sensory analysis, and explain why and how coffee professionals use it in the coffee industry. Broad focus will be put on identifying, describing and discriminating objectively aroma, taste and body in coffees. Students will be introduced to the SCA cupping protocol and methodology and reflect on the qualitative dimension of this evaluation methodology.


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